We offer brochures, maps and staff who can help you find your way on Djurgården. We sell SL tickets, The Stockholm pass and tickets to Strömmas Tours. The range is constantly increasing.

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Tel: 08-667 7701

If you want, you can visit www.royaldjurgarden.se right now and browse among all the attractions, plan dining and book an unforgettable night in a hotel. You can also follow us on Instagram

Opening hours: 9am to 5pm.

Bicycles and coffee since 1978
In autumn 1978, we opened a bicycle rental at Djurgårdsbron. Many of our customers also wanted a cup of coffee. So after a few weeks we bought a coffee machine…

In 2013, we opened our big new Sjöcafé, with a restaurant, bar, pizzeria, kiosk, visitor centre… and of course – bicycle rental and coffee.

Sjöcaféet AB
Galärvarvsvägen 2
11521 Stockholm

Opening hours
Sunday-Tuesday 9am-8pm
Wednesday-Saturday 9am-9pm
With reservation for changes